Influenster…Turning Your Social Influences into Rewards


Influenster…a consumer social influence site that motivates you to to use your social influences by giving rewards. But its not all about the rewards; Influenster is an exclusive community where users can share their opinion and experiences and latest news on different products, places, services etc with those in the community. although haven’t been a part of this community for long, I love how it’s a one stop shop for information. Just about ANY product you wish to know about, any question you need answered, you can find them here. I also LOVE the I get to read about products I have never even heard of. I am not brand loyal, so this is definitely a way for me to get more familiar with different brands, with hopes of trying them out in the future.

Now here is the fun part, the icing on the cake top of Influenster…the rewards…the perks! The more active you are in the community, the more likely you will be rewarded with exclusive discounts to different services, products from different brands and more.  Although, even if you are as active as the most active (does that make sense? :), you are not guaranteed rewards all the time. Like I said previously, participating is not all about the rewards. But in essence, you have to give to get…so if you sign up and not put in work…..  don’t expect get rewarded in the future. Even the real world doesn’t work that way. “)

So if you’re highly interested and you feel like you have lots to contribute, drop me a line in the comments section with your email address. I only have 3 invites to spare so I hope you’re ready. first come first serve.