Influenster & NYC New York Color Show Time Glitter Eyeliner



Straight from the city that never sleeps, NYC New York Color offers products with uptown style at down-to-earth prices, from $.99 – $4.99. The energy, style, and color of New York City shines through the wide range of shades, textures and innovative products. NYC always delivers the most on-trend products & shades hot off the runway!”

Influenster teamed up with NYC New York Color for the recent College Voxbox 2012. NYC New York Color gave us a new product from one of their collections, a Show Time Glitter Eyeliner in black.




I’ve used other liners that were hard like a pencil but what I like about this eyeliner is the smooth and the application is even. You don’t have to use much force to apply it. There is just enough glitter to give it some pop.  I recommend blending the eyeliner a bit with a smudge pen just to soften the line, which is what I did.


The eyeliner is great for everyday use but better to use when your going out for a night on the town. Try a smokey eye with this and you will be a winner.

I also love that NYC  New York Color offers colors in Starry Blue Sky, Glitterazzi Brown and Paparazzi Purple,and they are only $2.49 which is a great deal! You can find these at mass retailers like Walmart and Target, as well as drugstores like Rite Aid and CVS.

I think I might try to Starry Blue Sky next.

**Disclaimer: I eeceived this product complimentary for testing and review purposes from Influenster


Dino Lingo via Influenster


As an Influenster member, I received complimentary access to view numerous Dino Lingo learning language clips. Dino Lingo is a Language learning programs for kids. Dino Lingo is a fun way to introduce a new language to your child,  such as Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Greek, Portuguese and more.

I watched the Spanish language learning video clip with my 2 year old son.  The vibrant colors and fun characters in the video made it easy for him to pay attention.  The lovely fun dinosaur characters spoke clearly and slow enough to understand. Those are very important aspects to teaching a 2 year old. I love the repetition of the words they taught because I believe repetition is one of the best ways to learn.

Dino Lingo is the “#1 effective Spanish teaching program for children.”

Dino Lingo also hold s the Influential Parents Award in 2011-2012 which is very important to me.


Dino Lingo Spanish for Kids is suitable for all children between the ages of 2 to 7 years old

Dino Lingo offers many different Spanish Packages.

One of the educational learning sets Dino Lingo offers is the 5 DVD Spanish for kids. The Dino Lingo Spanish for Kids learning program teaches the
most common 200 Spanish words and phrases in 5 DVDs for $89.95.
spanish set 1

DVD 1 – Let’s Count: Numbers and colors / 35 min.
DVD 2 – Let’s Eat: Food, fruit and vegetables / 35 min.
DVD 3 – Let’s Play: Toys, house items, vehicles / 35 min.
DVD 4 – Let’s Jump: Verbs, actions and nature / 35 min.
DVD 5 – Let’s Learn: Family, body parts, and clothes / 35 min.

Daily conversations, greetings and animals are included in all five DVDs.

Here is a sample clip from the DVD set:

This is a great priceless investment into your child’s future! Help them become well rounded muli-lingual individuals in their future.

For more up to date information you can follow Dino Lingo on Facebook or Twitter

Burt Bees Intense Hydration BzzAgent Review

I was invited to participate in the Burt Bees Intense Hydration  BzzAgent campaign and I cannot being to explain how happy I was to be invited. As always, slots are always limited and not everyone will have that chance…and this campaign was without a doubt very popular and the “most wanted” at the time. I received these products free of charge to try and in exchange I give them my honest review. I was also excited because with the weather changing, my skin screams for moisture during these colder seasons. I was hoping I would give it some relief with these products.

We received a box full of full size products with samples and coupons included.


All of the products of the Intense Hydration line have the same scent; Clary Sage. The scent is fresh and smells of citrus and floral. Very refreshing. As described from Burt Bees website:

“Clary Sage, a remarkable botanical that thrives in its harsh environment because of its ability to retain moisture, is the inspiration behind Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration, our natural ode to soft, supple, revitalized skin and our best natural anti-aging solution. Our cream cleanser leaves your skin incredibly soft while our day lotion, eye cream and night cream help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Add the treatment mask for an immediate dose of hydration to give your skin a revitalized look.”


A little information straight from Burt Bees website:

It’s featured in Intense Hydration because of its exceptional ability to trap and retain moisture. The resulting formula is not some wussy layer that softens for all of 5 minutes.

97% of the women who tried Intense Hydration Day Lotion said their skin showed an increase in hydration after 1 hour and continued to feel that way even after 4 hours.

93% of women who used the Night Cream for 3 weeks said their skin felt intensely hydrated.

100% of those who tested the entire regimen – that’s right, every last one of them – confirmed their skin felt hydrated after 6 weeks.

For more information, you can go here.

Here are my experiences with the products:

Intense Hydration Treatment Mask-$18.00. The Intense Hydration Treatment is said to “Intensely hydrate[s] the skin.” The mask has a thick creamy consistency.  Although it is very thick and it feels slightly greasy, after 1 application my skin felt awesome! This type of mask is not washed off like most others, it’s wiped off with a towel or tissue.  My skin felt very smooth and refreshed and the greasy feeling eventually faded away within the hour. My skin felt very moisturized.  A little goes a long way. After trying all 3 products, this product is #1 and will remain at the top of my list. Per Burt Bees, its good to follow up with this product only 1-2 a week. It’s definitely a must have during the winter/colder season.


Intense Hydration Night Cream-$18.00. I used this thick, pasty night cream sparingly. This product definitely took its time sinking in my skin. After sleeping for 6 hours and waking up the next morning, my face was still soft and moisturized. It was not as dry as it normally is without the product. Overall, out of the 3 products I tried, this one comes in at #3 for me.


Intense Hydration Cream Cleanser-$10.00 – This Cream Cleanser is not like most. It is not a cleanser that lathers; there are no bubbles so this took some getting used to. I’ve been using face cleansers for over 15 years and they all produce bubbles. The Burt Bees Cream Cleanser has a consistency of lotion. This lotion does not strip your face of it’s natural oils yet, hydrates and restores that moisture. I only needed to follow up the  cleanser with a light moisturizer because my face was already hydrated and moisturized from the cleanser alone. A little goes a long way. This is my #2 favorite product of the two.


My overall opinion about Burt Bees Intense Hydration products is…..that they are awesome. They will continue to be a staple in my daily beauty regimen. I have nothing but good to say about these products. So far, they have helped immensely with my dry skin during the cold weather. The only con with these products is that some of them are a little on the pricey side. But I am definitely going to implement the  Intense Hydration day lotion. I will mostly definitely recommend these products to more friends and family. You can find these products at mass retailers, some grocery stores  and drugstores.

**I received these products for free in exchange my an honest review.

Influenster…Turning Your Social Influences into Rewards


Influenster…a consumer social influence site that motivates you to to use your social influences by giving rewards. But its not all about the rewards; Influenster is an exclusive community where users can share their opinion and experiences and latest news on different products, places, services etc with those in the community. although haven’t been a part of this community for long, I love how it’s a one stop shop for information. Just about ANY product you wish to know about, any question you need answered, you can find them here. I also LOVE the I get to read about products I have never even heard of. I am not brand loyal, so this is definitely a way for me to get more familiar with different brands, with hopes of trying them out in the future.

Now here is the fun part, the icing on the cake top of Influenster…the rewards…the perks! The more active you are in the community, the more likely you will be rewarded with exclusive discounts to different services, products from different brands and more.  Although, even if you are as active as the most active (does that make sense? :), you are not guaranteed rewards all the time. Like I said previously, participating is not all about the rewards. But in essence, you have to give to get…so if you sign up and not put in work…..  don’t expect get rewarded in the future. Even the real world doesn’t work that way. “)

So if you’re highly interested and you feel like you have lots to contribute, drop me a line in the comments section with your email address. I only have 3 invites to spare so I hope you’re ready. first come first serve.

Glade Expressions Collection (BzzAgent Review)

I got a the opportunity to spruce up the smell of my home compliments of Bzz Agent in lieu of my honest and unbiased review with the new Glade Expressions Collection.  They sent me a pack of coupons, which included FREE coupons to get 1 Glade Expressions Collection Mist Spray and 1 Glade Expressions Collection Oil Diffuser for myself;  and other $ off coupons to pass out to family/friends/neighbors.

Glade Expressions Collection come in 4 scents:

  • Cotton and Italian Mandarin
  • Fuji Apple and Cardamon Spice
  • Lavender and Juniper Berry
  • Pineapple and Mangosteen

I opted to buy the Pineapple & Mangosteen Oil Diffuser and Fragrance Mist Spray. I chose that scent because I like sweet fruity smells. The scent is very sweet and tropical, obviously with pineapple tones. The Oil diffuser was very easy to put together and the smell immediately radiated throughout the room. Initially we had it in our living room, but decided to move it into our bedroom so that there would be less area the scent had to cover. I was disappointed that at around 20 days, I couldn’t smell the fragrance, i thought it would last for at least a month. Overall I did like the oil diffuser and when I buy it next time, I will put it in the bathroom.

I also like the fragrance mist spray starter kit. The mist was so light, yet the strong was so bold. The bottom of the spray holder unscrews so that when the can is empty, you can easy replace it with another. I love the idea of reusing the holder.

There are refill sprays for the starter kit, which retail around $3 dollars, and refills for the oil diffuser retail for around $5.00. I do think that’s a reasonable price considering you might have to buy 1 refill each a month. Less than $10 to spend on fresheners to make your home smell inviting…Not bad.

Disclosure: Thanks so BzzAgent I got to try this product for free for honest review.

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